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For the most part, modular homes are considered the same as traditional stick-built homes. They are both permanent structures and will appreciate in value over time. There are some small differences in financing a modular home.

If possible, you should first approach a mortgage company that has experience with modular homes. Otherwise, you may encounter some headaches as the inexperienced mortgage company tries to catch up with and learn about modular homes. They may try to fit your modular home project into one of their predesigned loan packages instead of having a proper matching loan package to start with.

As with buying traditional stick-built buildings, modular homes can have a fixed interest rate or an adjustable interest rate for the life of the loan. It is also possible to finance a high percentage of the value (up to 95%) although it is not recommended. This is plenty of time since most modular construction only requires one to three months. Make sure you find an expert to help you with this process. 

One provider of modular home loans is Wells Fargo. When financing a manufactured double and Single wide home the interest rates and down payments are different than modular homes as these can be placed on leased land or in communities.  This is called Chattel Financing, which is personal property financing on the home and is not tied in with the land.

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