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Upgrades & Accesories


Manufactured Doublewide and Singlewide Homes forced features.

At Fineline Homes we go above and beyond the call to insure that our customers receive the highest quality homes and value available anywhere. Below are some of the areas where we go the extra mile for your complete satisfaction.

  • We include the shipping to customers prepared site within a 25 mile radius of our sales center.
  • Blocking and leveling the home on the customers prepared slab.
  • Skirting to wrap bottom of home, and 2-sets of steps are included in the price.
  • We upgrade all of our manufactured homes to include a 16 inch on center, 40 pounds per square foot, roof rafter, which is the maximum available in a manufactured home. This helps protect against heavy New England snow storms.
  • Ice guard along the roof line to protect against ice build-up on the roof edge.
  • Upgraded insulation throughout to include R-30 in the roof, R-19 in the walls and a minimum of R-22 in the floors to help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • All of our manufactured homes have thermo-pane windows throughout, which are more energy efficient than standard self-storing storms.
  • We upgrade the exterior doors from the standard model.
  • We add a vinyl foyer entry in most homes so you are not stepping directly onto the carpet when you enter your home during times of inclement weather.
  • Water heaters in the doublewide models are all 40 Gallon electric.

These are just a few options Fineline Homes forces in all of our manufactured homes. We do this because given the New England climate we know these are the most important features to include that will keep you safe and warm. There are many more options available to our customers that will enable you to customize each home according to your own personal taste and needs.

Modular Home Options Included In The Price

  1. All pricing of our Modular homes include the price of the home, transportation from the factory to our customers prepared site (within a 25 mile radius of our sales center), and a crane for up to 10 hours including permits.
  2. We include setting the home on our customers prepared foundation, finishing the roof shingles, siding the exterior of the home, all drywall finished, carpets are stretched and seamed, and steps to the basement.
  3. We include an 80-pounds per square foot roof rafter in all of our modular homes. There will be an added expense if code requires more.
  4. Appliances with vented range hood.
  5. Photo electric smoke and CO detectors, which are required.
  6. The 2011 international Electric Code required in all New England states.
  7. We adhear to the 2017 National Electrical Code
  8. New England code on the Furnace, which is a requirement.
  9. Insulation includes R-38 in the Roof and R-19 in the walls.

These are a few required options for our customers. There are many more options available to choose from to include stainless steel appliances; or wood, gas, or electric fireplaces.

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